Kellie Rose

“God gave me music to soothe my soul…”
– Kellie Rose, the Seattle based musician & wild-child who can’t get enough music

Growing up mostly along the west coast with a stint in London, KR is an old soul with a strong passion for sound. Influences from a musical household, a drummer father and a piano playing/opera singing mother, formed a very multifaceted artist. From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon to Britney Spears, blue grass to top 40 to “anything Sinatra”, Kellie Rose was luckily exposed to many different types of music and has place in her heart for it all.

“I find it so funny when someone says something like, “Oh, I love all music EXCEPT *blank*.” I truly love it all. No one likes when I’m DJ’ing in the car because my playlists are so unorthodox.”

When asked what to expect next from her, we got a simple, “Don’t. Don’t expect anything from my music. It will be ever changing, ever growing. And thankfully so.”

Be on the lookout for future tunes!